Getting to know the ultimate basics of WordPress can be tricky, that’s why we have put together a few simple steps to get yourself started.


Whilst in the background of your WordPress site there is a section called posts, we use posts on our news and blog page to post regular tips, helpful information and updates. Using posts will increase you SEO if the content you create is valuable and original.

If you post regularly such as each day or week it could also help your customers if you categorise them such asĀ information, tips, events etc.


To create a page just “click pages” and “add new” we use pages to build our website such as “homepage”. By default, you are given very limited creativity with your pages unless you know how to code.

We use a different way to build exceptional websites all from the use of well-known plugins, using plugins also creates an easy way to teach our customers how to maintain their website.


Now you have an idea what pages and posts are, themes are the next important step. Know one likes to see a standard theme that millions of people are using, themes are where you brand your company and show people your not just another ordinary company.

We hope you now know the ultimate basics of WordPress to thrive and manage your site effectively.