Tip #1, Social media could be your biggest treasure chest when it comes to recognition, brand awareness and traffic, specify and understand what social media platforms would suit your company the best.

For example; River Island is a B2C company, using the likes of Instagram and Facebook will most likely be their best point of sales and recognition as their target market will be constantly seeing products on a daily basis. Linked-in is more of a B2B platform so River Island wouldn’t suit this type of platform as well.

Tip #2, Content is just as important as having social media platforms, content is how your potential customers discover what you do and your brand as a whole. Writing content can be an excellent way to draw in traffic and have loyal customers that share, like and comment on the content you post.

Making content can also help increase your SEO, this happens more frequently if the content you post is relevant to your brand and the products you sell.

Tip #3, Now you have your content and your platforms to create brand awareness you need to start to consider keywords and phrases. This is highly important as determining what keywords will help your SEO in a positive way and help increase traffic to your site.

For example; Ivulve, we help companies create websites, market the website and train you how to do maintain it. Creating this exact blog will increase our SEO as keywords such as “create websites” and “writing blogs” will be found in this article. Meaning people that search for “Create me a website” are more likely to find us.

Tip #4, Don’t always sell, this is a tip that most people disagree on. Selling is a powerful part of business but potential customers don’t always want your sales pitch straight away. Try creating valuable content for your potential customers to indulge, this will draw them in and after a few valuable emails hit them with the sale, this way they are more susceptible to reading your email.

Use the rule 80/20 80% valuable content 20% sales, this way your leads know that you’re not just focused on getting the sale.

Tip #5, Have a plan, now you will hopefully understand a few elements that your company should be doing, you next need to lay out your plan. Ask yourself a few questions:

Where are we now?

Where would we like to be?

How can we get there?

Answering simple questions like the above will help accurately identify what your next step will be to create your ultimate goal.